Animal Healing Testimonials

L H, Kineton, Warwick

Molly After Healing"I have been extremely impressed with Anne's work since meeting her.  She has been out to visit several horses that I train. 

One of these horses was deemed 'unrideable' by various riders who got on her. Thanks to Anne's work, I have now done things with the horse myself that I never dreamed I would be able to do. She has also been so generous with her time and knowledge. 

The horses cannot wait for their next session!"

L and RJ, Coventry

"We were on the point of taking our Boxer dog, Frank, to the vets as he was in distress having pulled a muscle during his run in the park.  Frank trusted Anne straight away and very quickly calmed down for her to do the healing.  After the healing he was peaceful and back to his normal ‘bouncy’ self the next day.  We are very grateful to Anne as she clearly has a natural way with animals."

AMB, Warwick

"Alfie suffered from bilateral ear infections. He had 4 weeks of painful ear cleaning and antibiotic ear drops. It improved but his ears still weren't clear. He had one session with Anne and has had no problems since."