Anne's Story

Having personally experienced the benefits of Serrapeptase, The ’Miracle Enzyme’,  I am keen to share my knowledge with others as my health improved beyond all expectation when I started to take it.  Everyone deserves to know about Serrapeptase.

In 2009 I had major back surgery.  I had two herniated, prolapsed discs which caused my life to come to a standstill as I became immobile.  After surgery and a long period of rehabilitation (three months in a wheelchair), I suffered constant and chronic back pain. Soon after the operation, I went to Spain on holiday and made the fatal mistake of lifting my heavy suitcase.  As a result, I caused another large prolapsed disc. My surgeon was keen to operate again but I was strongly against further surgery. The first time it happened, I had no choice but this time I did. 

In 2012 I had another MRI scan.  It showed that my prolapsed disc had disappeared and I was signed off by my surgeon.  However, the chronic pain was ever present and I had to accept that it was part of my life and I would have to come to terms with it.  It was so bad that when I turned in bed at night, I would scream with pain.  In May 2012 I discovered Serrapeptase, the miracle enzyme.  After doing much research on this product, I decided to buy a case.  I gave some to my mother and father and to friends.  I started taking serrapeptase for about eight weeks.  I was talking to someone about it, and I realised I had no pain.  Ever since that time I have been pain-free. I am completely pain-free all the time, and I feel great.  Quite simply, it changed my life. Even my knee problem is no longer! 

My father (age 80) was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009 and subsequently had major surgery.  The consultant said his life expectancy would be 18 months to two years.  It is now the end of 2012 and since taking Serrapeptase he is going from strength to strength!

My friend’s husband suffered from Crohn’s disease and had an ileostomy, and also gastric problems.  As Serrapeptase is available in non-enteric coating, he took 80,000IU 3 capsules 3 times a day and PrescriptAssist (29 friendly bacteria) and is feeling better than he ever has, enjoying a quality of life he thought would not be possible.

Serrapeptase doesn’t just treat people but also animals.