Distant Energy Field Healing

Healing for those who are unable to visit the Clinic

With advanced level Energy Field Healing techniques, Anne is able to connect to the client’s energy.  To request Distant Healing you need to provide some basic information by email or post in advance:

- Full birth name
- Date of birth
- Current home address or location
- A current photograph

This information is needed to connect to the client’s energy on a higher dimensional level.  All information is held in strictest confidence. 

Please note that the effects of Distant Healing will be felt almost straight away, so you will notice and feel changes as soon as the healing is carried out.

"I had a gynaecological problem which was causing me pain, anxiety and sleepless nights. Anne treats you with openness, dedication and patience. After an initial consultation she offered me distant healing with astounding results, almost immediately I felt much calmer and reassured. After just one day I was sleeping so much better!
Anne is truly gifted and insightful utilising a system of healing that can genuinely assist you. I am not sure how she manages such powerful work from so far away and in such a short space of time but I would recommend her highly to my family and friends."

- J G, Leamington Spa

"Anne did some distant healing for my 4 year old son as he was having trouble getting to sleep and was not sleeping restfully, which meant he was  irritable during the day.  Anne took a few details such as date of birth, his name and said she would do some distant healing for him that evening. That very evening, my son fell asleep without any difficulties and slept peacefully through the night. Ever since that healing he has been sleeping a lot better. I am truly thankful for Anne's healing and how effective it has been. I would recommend distant healing from Anne to anyone, it is amazing."

- M M, Leamington Spa