Energy Field Healing

Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced alternative therapy which works through the body’s energy field (aura).  It is limitless in its application bringing about a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

The human energy field will radiate out from your physical body some 3-4 feet.  As the layers radiate out, they become finer in resonance and vibrate at a much higher frequency.  The human energy field has main energy centres (chakras) and multiple layers. Each energy centre and each layer fulfil a different purpose in maintaining you and your well being.

Energy Field Healing addresses all issues of ill-health and imbalance, and works with the whole of you – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Its effects can be life changing. Your natural energy field radiates out from your very centre, and by cleansing, balancing and re-energising it, we activate the body's own self healing abilities.  Our energy field is in constant flow and connection with the world, absorbing energies from people and places, storing the memory of upsetting interactions with others, and most importantly, through life experience, carrying the memory of our past illness, distress or trauma.  We transform these dense energies into lighter, higher frequencies, thereby restoring your natural balance and flow.

Energy Field Healing is all about bringing awareness to the patterns of your life, your health, your relationships, and your potentials, allowing you to understand more deeply your own life process. It achieves this by healing the patterns of distress and imbalance in your life, so allowing you the understanding and awareness you need to pursue the fulfilment of the life you truly desire.

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