Introduction to Natural Health

Anne's work as an energy field healer led her naturally to follow a path towards natural health: there is a close relationship between the way we live and our health. This means that our lifestyle, work environment and family life are all connected to our health and wellbeing.  Now more than before we can take charge of our health and feel better. Health promotion will continue to be the key to showing everyone how to take care of themselves and feel better improving the quality of life.  Being healthy is about taking care of ourselves to prevent illness. Taking care of our health today means doing a lot of things to feel good, from eating the right way to taking vitamins, from exercising to having a job we enjoy.

As a natural health researcher and consultant, although not formally trained in nutrition, Anne can and does make suggestions of supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes where she feels they can really make a difference.

Her overall goal is to help others and to be of service.  When we feel better, inside and out, we enjoy our lives so much more and can live life to the full.  Anne’s approach to health is holistic, treating the whole (cause) rather than the symptom.  It is true that ‘we are what we eat’ and by eating the right foods and taking the right supplements for our needs, our health can return to its fullest potential.

Serrapeptase, the ‘Miracle Enzyme’

Robert Redfern, the Nutrition Researcher and person responsible for bringing Serrapeptase to the world market and UK says: “Serrapeptase, the Miracle Enzyme, is set to become the most widely used health solution because of its ability to replace the majority of anti-inflammatory drugs and by-pass operations.”

Serrapeptase is the amazing enzyme that stops unhealthy inflammation in its tracks and clears inflamed dead tissue.  Science has now concluded that the prime factor in the majority of disease is inflammation.  Serrapeptase is the safest and most effective all round solution to inflammation.

Anne wants to tell you her Serrapeptase story...