The Miracle Enzyme Serrapeptase - Origins

Robert Redfern, the nutritional formulator, author and broadcaster was the first person to bring the miracle enzyme Serrapeptase to the world market and UK.  Robert first heard about the enzyme’s amazing health benefits in 1999.  Then it was only being studied and manufactured by one company in Japan.  It was sold in Japan and Germany as a medicine. 

Their research showed promise but their dose was only 10,000iu and Robert felt that since it was an enzyme it was worth increasing the dose. Robert was excited at the Japanese company’s findings, and so he bought the product and gave it away to as many people as he could so that they could test that it worked. It did. He eventually ended up buying hundreds of bottle and supplied them to sufferers of various conditions and found the result improved with higher doses, which eventually led to his formulations with the optimum dose of 80,000IU.

Based upon these finding, Robert wrote the book on Serrapeptase (The Miracle Enzyme), and in 2000 Robert printed and distributed over a million leaflets worldwide to spread the good news about this beneficial enzyme over the following years. This led to Robert being the first person to formulate to enable Good Health Naturally to bring to market a proprietary, optimum dose Serrapeptase product and make it available to people worldwide.

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