Your Energy Field Healing Session

During treatment, we work with your natural energy field (aura) which surrounds the physical body.  By working with subtle vibrational energies, we cleanse and clear blocked and imbalanced energies as we activate the body’s own self-healing abilities.  There is usually no physical touch, or very little, involved in an Energy Field session.

Priority is given to stabilising your ground connection and ensuring you have balanced energy flow through your body and field and so activating your natural body’s ability to heal.  When energy within the field flows in a clear and balanced way, we remain in good health with a positive sense of well-being.  However, when we encounter pain, trauma, stress or difficulty through life experience, the energy flow can become disrupted and blocked. It is then that we encounter discomfort, distress, dis-ease, imbalance and possibly, physical ill-health.

Some results can be felt almost immediately, including a sense of lightness and relief, and then the deeper healing process will continue for a 7 to 28 day period. During treatment the client remains fully clothed throughout, and usually no touch is involved as the healing is carried out in the energy field around the body. Clients often feel warmth, tingling or pressure in parts of their body during treatment.

Each session is unique and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on what is required.

Energy Field Healing treats a wide range of conditions including:

  • Any and all stress related illness
  • Crisis & emotional imbalance
  • Mental fatigue, stress and inability to cope
  • Frustration and tension
  • Relationship trauma/issues
  • Fatigue & depression
  • Executive 'burn out'
  • Joint pain, aches and debilitation
  • Poor sleeping, concentration or demotivation
  • Respiratory problems, asthma and chest 'weakness'
  • Headaches, migraine and 'pressure'
  • Relief from physical symptoms in chronic conditions
  • Pre and post-operative healing
  • Digestive disorders

(Please note: due to the powerful movement of energy in this form of healing, it is NOT suitable for people with epilepsy or those with pacemakers.  In addition, it is not recommended for pregnant women because the 'blueprint' of the baby is in the purpose of forming and establishing.)