Anne has been a professional energy field healer since qualifying in 2007 and practises energy field healing from her healing clinic in Warwick.  Please see her testimonials for examples of treatment cases  testimonials.  Previously, Anne had a successful career as a businesswoman but decided to change her life and pursue her passion when she saw with her own eyes the results that energy field healing could have on other people’s lives.

Anne is a natural spiritual channel.  Working with her team of Spirit Guides, Anne will access the subtle energy and higher consciousness information that can be of service to the client.  Higher Guidance can enhance a situation and offer potentials for any situation the client is experiencing.

If it isn’t possible for clients to come and see Anne in person, the client can  request distant healing which works very well.

Healing sessions are available on a 1-1 basis, including guidance and counselling.  Clients come regularly for wellbeing maintenance.  Every client is unique and is treated accordingly, whether for a specific purpose that can treated in one session, or over a period of time, until the client feels able to move forward with clarity and understanding. There may be childhood or behavioural patterns that cause blockages in the energy field and these can be transformed easily with a skilled healer.

No problem is insurmountable.

Anne’s own path to Energy Field Healing has made her become a much better healer.  It is through adversity and feeling stuck that the way forward truly opens.  Anne met Sue Zange, her teacher and mentor, at a critical time in her life, when things could so easily have gone horribly wrong.   Energy Field Healing helped her to understand her own path and shaped the person she is today. It is her chosen path, one that she truly loves with a passion.

Compassion, love and understanding are all pre-requisites for this work. Being able to see the transformational changes in her clients’ lives is incredibly rewarding.  It really is a privilege to do this work and help make a difference.

Although Anne treats clients of all ages and conditions, she specialise in healing babies and children.  For some years, she has treated babies and children with a myriad of conditions including premature babies, septicaemia, acute anxiety, sleeping problems, ADHD, autism spectrum (including Asperger syndrome).

Anne has an affinity with animals and offers animal healing.  For many years, Anne has been healing racehorses.  Their energy is very special and must be treated with the utmost respect.  Anne heals all animals, large and small.

Anne is also a natural health practitioner and finds this complements energy field healing.

Anne is also a Certified Teacher having been trained personally by Sue Zange in the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme ® (SEAP).

Anne Taylor

Professional Energy Field Healer –
Adults, Children, Animals, Land and Home Healing

Natural Health Practitioner

Appointments available in Warwick.
On location by client request.


T: 01926 641851
E: info@h2oclinic.com