Energy Field Healing - FAQs

What is Energy Field Healing?

Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced alternative therapy that works through the body’s energy field (aura).  This pioneering therapy has been developed and enhanced for 21 years by Sue Zange, the founder of Inspirit – the Centre for Energy Field Awareness.  Anne has been personally trained by Sue Zange. 

Energy Field Healing is limitless in its application and its effects can be life-changing, addressing all issues of ill health and imbalance. Energy Field Healing treats the whole of you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How long will my treatment last?

Each session is unique and depends on the needs of the individual.  Generally you can expect the session to last approximately one hour.

What does it feel like?

Often clients feel warmth, tingling or pressure in parts of their body during treatment.  There is usually no physical touch, or very little, involved in an Energy Field Session.

How will I respond to treatment?

Some results can be felt almost immediately, including a sense of lightness and relief, and then the deeper healing process will continue up to 28 days.  During treatment the client remains fully clothed throughout, and usually no touch is involved as the healing is carried out in the energy field around the body.

Is it safe to have other treatments while having Energy Field Healing?

Yes it is safe to have Energy Field Healing treatments alongside other complementary and conventional medicine.

Does it work?

Energy Field Healing is now established as one of the fastest growing alternative therapies in the UK.  This healing method makes breakthroughs where conventional medicine and even other alternatives may not.  Please see testimonials on the H2O clinic website for personal stories of how Energy Field Healing has helped many of Anne’s clients.

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