Land and Home Healing

We are all affected by the energies that flow naturally through the ground and into our homes.

Land Healing

The earth is made up of a matrix of energy grid lines and ley lines, a superhighway of energy, which span the whole globe. Earlier civilisations will have used ley lines as a network for communication and healing across numerous communities and distances.

The earth grids hold all knowledge of events on earth: patterns can remain dormant in the land for millennia. Anne is trained to read old historic patterns in the land and how to clear chaos, disruption and trauma (the non-serving energies that flow through the earth grids) and how to restore balance, peace and harmony to the area of land in question.

Examples of when land healing will be required are:

  • When there is a heightened charge for example, at certain times of anguish and fear, when something horrific happens like 9/11 or a serious road traffic accident
  • Acts of violence for example war zones and physical violence in battle
  • Electro magnetic interference, for example from technology such as microwave masts
  • Land contamination

Home Healing

We are all affected by the energies that others bring into our homes, and the patterns of the past that continue to echo in our homes. Our animals are particularly sensitive to energies and it can affect both their behaviour and their health.

Home Healing can help:

The health and well-being of all who live in the house

Bring balance to the relationships within the home

Restore the home to balance when there have been building works, road digging or people movement

Release you from your home when you are looking to sell and move on

Make your home your own when you have just moved in

Clear patterns of the past

Maintain peace and harmony in your own home

Please contact Anne to discuss your particular needs for land or home healing and she will be delighted to offer advice and help.

Anne Taylor

Professional Energy Field Healer –
Adults, Children, Animals, Land and Home Healing

Natural Health Practitioner

Appointments available in Warwick.
On location by client request.


T: 01926 641851