For Adults

“I have been seeing Anne for energy healing over the past 14 years for a variety of different reasons. This has been through face to face sessions and also through distant healing. I usually get a gut feeling that I need healing. It could be to do with a job, needing direction, a life event such as having a baby or moving house or feeling that I need a good cleanse and to be grounded. 

As time has gone by Anne has provided healing for my husband and two children. My son in particular has benefitted greatly from Anne’s healing expertise as he suffers with anxiety which can impact on his capacity to enjoy life like a child should be able to. Anne has helped get rid of behaviour patterns that had been reinforcing his anxieties. He is a much happier child as a result. 

Anne has many special skills which enables her to channel important guidance and knows exactly how to help you without you even needing to tell her! I always recommend Anne to family and friends when they are feeling ‘stuck’ in life and they always come away with a renewed sense of purpose and contentment, as I do.” HH

“I have been using Anne’s energy field healing services for several years. I can honestly say it has helped me change the course of my life. Initially it took me a while to get used to the approach but once you accept that it works, the results are phenomenal. I don’t hesitate to recommend her and, if you’re ready to change, this will help you deliver that change in an amazing and positive way.” RW

“Previously, I had several sessions with a chiropractor and no joy for my back pain.  After seeing Anne for one session, I had immediate relief and have regained full mobility in my back.  I won’t hesitate to recommend Anne to my friends and family.”  CP

“I had a gynaecological problem which was causing me pain, anxiety and sleepless nights. Anne treats you with openness, dedication and patience. After an initial consultation she offered me distant healing with astounding results, almost immediately I felt much calmer and reassured. After just one day I was sleeping so much better! Anne is truly gifted and insightful utilising a system of healing that can genuinely assist you. I am not sure how she manages such powerful work from so far away and in such a short space of time but I would recommend her highly to my family and friends.” JG

“Anne has helped me and members of my family with emotional and physical health issues. After several transformative visits, I changed career direction and am so much happier. The feelings of peace and well-being are wonderful. When we went into lockdown, we had distant healing sessions – the results she achieves are truly amazing. I am eternally grateful for Anne, for her gift for channelling and for the powerful healing work she does. I would recommend her without a moment’s hesitation.” CD

Healing Animals

 “I have been extremely impressed with Anne’s work since meeting her.  She has been out to visit several horses that I train. 

One of these horses was deemed ‘unrideable’ by various riders who got on her. Thanks to Anne’s work, I have now done things with the horse myself that I never dreamed I would be able to do. She has also been so generous with her time and knowledge. 

The horses cannot wait for their next session!” LH

“We were on the point of taking our Boxer dog, Frank, to the vets as he was in distress having pulled a muscle during his run in the park.  Frank trusted Anne straight away and very quickly calmed down for her to do the healing.  After the healing he was peaceful and back to his normal ‘bouncy’ self the next day. We are very grateful to Anne as she clearly has a natural way with animals.” L and RJ

Alfie suffered from bilateral ear infections. He had 4 weeks of painful ear cleaning and antibiotic ear drops. It improved but his ears still weren’t clear. He had one session with Anne and has had no problems since.” AMB

For Children

“Anne was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot speak highly enough of her energy healing sessions which have brought me invaluable comfort and peace.   Recently,  my baby nephew contracted an infection at 6 weeks old – the doctors said he was very poorly indeed. I believe it was a matter of life or death. I contacted Anne for help, she performed distant healing and cleansed and purified his body.  The infection miraculously disappeared overnight. We are all eternally grateful to Anne for her intervention and the wonderful, mysterious  power of healing.” CD

“Sam is 8 years old, and was suffering night terrors and anxiety due to a divorce and moving home frequently. Anne was able to heal these fears in a single session!!  Sam thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and came out feeling confident and boosted. I am so grateful for Anne’s help and support and  Sam continues to go from strength to strength.” SR

“My whole family benefit from regular healing with Anne. I came to Anne when I was going through a particularly difficult period in my life.  Anne helped me find a way forward and completely turned my life around!  I am a hypnotherapist, life coach and reiki healer and it is essential that my energy is balanced, otherwise I could not carry out the work that I do for people. She has helped my two year old daughter with sleeping difficulties, my eight year old daughter with emotional issues and my partner with behavioural patterns that have prevented him from moving forward in life. Anne is also a channel for guidance from higher realms. I particularly welcome the guidance during my healing sessions, as it answers a lot of questions about my life purpose and offers a sense of perspective that I might not have otherwise considered. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anne! She is a lovely, warm, empathetic lady who is very skilled at her profession.” KB